Wellness Series

On behalf of Sigma Phi Omega Gerontology Honor Society at California State University, Fullerton, we would like to share with you some of the events we have held since the beginning of the semester. Our goal this semester is to present the seven wellness series by lining up presenters who are professionals in each sector.

The first event was held 9/7/2017 and during the presentation, Jake Greenberg CFP, ChFC, AIF:

  • Discussed the three types of retirement accounts students may use while planning for retirement (Roth IRA, Non-retirement Accounts, & Tax Deferred Accounts)
  • Described the most common mistakes made by soon to be retirees when planning for retirement
  •  Shared the shocking news that the biggest expense for retirees is taxes
  • Explained that a little investment over a long period of time goes a long way to making older adults more secure in their retirement

At the end of the event, each student was able to inquire about retirement investment strategies and available resources for the older population. This information can be crucial as you pursue your future careers in gerontology or in a gerontology-related field.

The second event was held 9/18/2017 and during the presentation, Mariana, MA, CMI:

  • Explained the history of yoga and different forms of yoga practice
  • Spoke about the importance of yoga and meditation
  • Presented case studies in which meditation was shown to be effective in maintaining and building upon memories
  • Reduced anxieties and promoted peace and calm
  • Demonstrated simple yoga moves and guided the students in a five-minute meditation exercise

At the end of the event, students asked various questions pertaining to the benefits of yoga and meditation for improved cognition. This information is important since the aging process is often accompanied by brain mass atrophy. Continued practice of yoga and meditation exercises have been effective in decreasing the rate of atrophy!