Start a Chapter

The application process to create a new SPO Chapter includes the following:

  1. SPO Membership Application for (at least) three individuals from your institution (complete and upload using the form below).
  2. One of the applicants must include a faculty member who either is already a member of Sigma Phi Omega or qualifies to become a member according to the SPO Bylaws, and that faculty member agrees to serve as Chapter Advisor.
  3. Submission of Chapter Bylaws. Chapter Bylaws must include information about membership, the formation of new chapters, etc. Please reference the Sample Chapter Bylaws for guidance.
  4. Submission of promotional materials about your program (for example newspaper articles, brochures, website printouts),
  5. A one-time fee of $120, paid online at

Please complete the form below to submit the required materials to start a new chapter. The Board will review the materials and vote on your chapter’s activation.  Please allow 3 weeks for the SPO office to confirm new Chapter applications with your designated SPO Chapter Advisor.

Chapter Induction Script for Formal Inductions of New Members:

To induct new SPO Chapter members, please utilize an appropriate variation of the sample induction script.

Start a New Chapter

  • General Information

  • Review current chapter names on the "active chapters" page.
  • Chapter advisor must be a current member (or applying for membership as one of the required individuals) to serve as advisor to the chapter. Additionally, the chapter advisor must maintain a current membership to retain the chapter's active status.
  • Members

    By including these members on this form, you are certifying that the individuals are eligible for membership according to the eligibility requirements listed here:
  • Upload the membership forms (linked above) here.
  • Upload the membership forms (linked above) here.
  • Upload the membership forms (linked above) here.
  • Chapter Bylaws

    Upload chapter bylaws below
  • Promotional Materials

    Upload promotional materials below