Service Project Award

The Service Project Award recognizes service-learning experiences and projects by professionals, undergraduate or graduate students affiliated with an SPO Chapter. The service projects are designed to positively impact both elders and students. Students can include academic service learning, curricular service learning, and co-curricular service learning or professional contributions. This award recognizes the faculty, students, and/or professionals who participated in the project. SPO members (faculty, staff, or professionals) self-nominate for the award.

How to apply

To apply for the Service Project Award, complete the Service Project Award application found here: Service Project Award Nomination Form .The nominee selected for the award is required to present a description of the service project at the 2018 AGHE meeting as well as a create a poster highlighting the project to be displayed at the meeting. The SPO Chapter to which the nominee is a member receives a cash award of $200.

Deadline is December 31.