President’s Note December 2018

December 2018

Your Sigma Phi Omega Board has been hard at work on updates to our organizational web page and bylaws.  With the support of our Chapter Advisors we were able to bring our bylaws up to date with our current online practices.  Several changes of note include:

  • Encouraging continued membership of Chapter Advisors with a firm timeframe for renewal or replacement.
  • Combining Alumni and Professional Membership categories into one since there is a less than clear distinction between these categories.
  • Changing the minimum degree requirement for professionals from a baccalaureate to an associate degree.  This is already in place for students.
  • Offering year-round membership applications and renewals for all membership categories to support the flexibility that online membership offers.
  • Elimination of the Newsletter Editor Board position as we move to the utilization of Chapter News, President’s Notes, and Board Member Musings.

I encourage you to read over the bylaws document and become familiar with your organizational policies and opportunities.

In addition, we have worked tirelessly, to streamline our website and make it more user-friendly.  You will see a cleaner home page, reorganized drop-down links, and information about our organizational partnership with the Southern Gerontological Society.  We hope you will join us in April at SGS where we will hold our Business and Awards meeting.  We also encourage you to contact us with questions and suggestions for any improvements to the webpage.  Thanks to those who have done so!

If you are a student attending SGS this spring, we encourage you to submit your personal research for the President’s Student Paper Award.  Chapters and individuals are encouraged to submit their activities for the Service Project Award.  Submission deadline is February 28th.  Both come with a cash prize!

Also, our current membership should watch for an email from Stria News.  They have offered a one-year free membership to our SPO active members.  This is a generous and wonderful opportunity to see the latest aging news produced by Stria.  Check your emails for this offer.

Finally, a huge thank you to our Administrative Support Associate, Michelle Stanley.  Her detailed and dedicated work for SPO is simply priceless!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Cynthia Hancock, Ph.D.

SPO President 2018-2020