President’s Note-January 2018

January 2018

Greetings SPO Members:

An eventful new year has begun!

Some of you may be digging out of the snow and some of us are wondering if we will get any this year! This may be a great time to consider doing a chapter project for submission next year’s SPO Service Awards! Perhaps your chapter participated in a Day of Service for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday celebration. We want to hear about it! Please submit your pictures and your write up for the website.

Changes in leadership will take place during AGHE’s Annual Conference, as I will be moving into the Past-President position and Dr. Cynthia Hancock will take the gavel as President! I know that Cynthia will be a terrific President and will keep us moving forward! Please join us at the SPO Business Meeting and Reception as well as the Awards Presentations. The Conference is March 1-4 at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.

Look for more information on joining the SPO Leadership Team after the AGHE Meeting!

I also want to thank all of the Board for their hard work during my term as President. Honestly it could not have worked without them and their leadership.

Let’s begin making 2018 a great year!