Board Nominations

Upcoming 2021-2022 Board Positions

President Elect ( Serves 1 year as President-Elect and then 2 years as President and then 1 year Past President)

Member-at-large (Serves 3 years)

Student Representative (Serves 2 years)

The Nominating Committee for SPO’s 2021 election will be looking for eligible SPO members to run for office to serve on the Board of Directors.  Nominations will be requested in December.  All current members of SPO are eligible to be nominated. Self-nominations are welcomed. Nomination does not guarantee that a person’s name will appear on the final slate.


  • The Nominating Committee will consider only nominations submitted using the website form made available when nominations open.
  • Members may serve only in one elected or appointed position at any given time.
  • SPO has partnered with the Southern Gerontological Society for its annual Board and Business meeting.  Board members should be able to attend these annual meetings.