Reinstate an Inactive Chapter

The process to re-activate a chapter includes the following:
  • Membership Applications¬†for (at least) three individuals from your institution (complete and upload using the form below).
  • One of the applicants must include a faculty member who either is already a member of Sigma Phi Omega or qualifies to become a member according to the SPO Bylaws, and that faculty member agrees to serve as Chapter Advisor.
  • a one-time fee of $100, paid on-line at:¬†

If the board approves the reactivation of the chapter, each member will need to submit their applications and payments on-line at:

Please complete the form below to submit the required materials to re-activate your chapter. The Board will review the materials and vote on your chapter’s reactivation.

Reinstate Inactive Chapter

  • General Information

  • Chapter advisor must be a current member (or applying for membership as one of the required individuals) to serve as advisor to the chapter. Additionally, the chapter advisor must maintain a current membership to retain the chapter's active status.
    Please note: the reactivation fee is required before the board votes on the chapter's reinstatement request.
  • Members

    By including these members on this form, you are certifying that the individuals are eligible for membership according to the eligibility requirements listed here: